Feb 24, 2015

Black Stained Winter: Chapter 3 - "Two Demons, Two Men"

The Great Green Park spreads several blocks. Its enormous size inadvertently cuts several main roads and force people to get around it. To compensate with this, roads that connect each sides of the park were made. Those who need to get to the other side of the park can simply utilize the roads and go through the park either by foot or in a vehicle. A lot of people thus cross the park in daily basis.

One such man is still walking inside the park tonight. His bright red jacket is in contrast with the dark surrounding. A pink scarf is stylishly circling his neck, keeping it warm. His legs are covered by blue denim and his foot by brown boots. His tidily brushed back black hair is shining from the moonlight. On his mouth between his lips is dangling a piece of wood, a toothpick.

This guy visits the park almost every day; either just crossing it or enjoying the atmosphere of the park. His uncanny sense of fashion make him easily stands out in the crowd, especially because he always wear that eye-catching pink scarf everyday regardless of the weather. The homeless man refer to him as 'Mr. Dandy' because his fashion sense.

Just like every night, Mr. Dandy is still walking in the Great Green Park. His hands find refuge from cold inside his jacket's side pocket. He is on his way back home after bought and ate his favorite pork dumpling. The Great Green Park lies between his place and the store that sells it. Tonight is not the first time he went to such length only for a pork dumpling.

A winter breeze blows, sending cold air all around. Mr. Dandy stops in his steps. No, not because the breeze affecting him and make him feel cold. No, he is stopping because he noticed something unusual, something that not supposed to be here.

*Sniff* *Sniff*

Mr. Dandy raised his nose and trying to catch the scent that was brought by the passing wind. Between the usual scent of grass, leaves, flowers, and woods, mixed in a scent that shouldn't be here. It's a scent that Mr. Dandy hasn't encounter for years. The source of the scent is something not from this world, something that out of place. The source of the scent is...

"...A demon."