Jun 14, 2015

Black Stained Winter: Chapter 5 - "The Pain Within"

“Mister!” A cute high pitched shout can be heard in the sunny winter morning. The owner of that cute voice is a pink haired fox girl, Tama. After the unexpected event from the previous night, she just went away into curtains of trees. Gone just like that. Yet here she is, returning once again to the camp of the homeless people. “Ah, I thought you already return to your realm,” says The Hobo. He sits near one of the fire on the camp. There are only a handful of homeless people on the camp right now, so the appearance of the fox girl not really make a scene. Tama runs toward The Hobo and take a seat near him, “Oooh, this feels warm.” Her hands are facing towards the fire to catch the warmth of the fire in front of her. “We haven’t had the chance to talk yesterday, aren’t we?” “Sure, sure! It’s all thanks to those demons and hooded guy!” “So, why are you here and how?” The Hobo starts. “Hm, that is a really good question! I don’t know either,” she answer with ease. “Wait, why?” The Hobo is not expecting that answer. “I can’t remember anything before I arrived here,” she shrugs, “When I came to, I realized I’m on earthrealm and nothing else.” “So you lost your memories, huh. You doesn’t look burdened by that, though.” “Yeah, I guess. I know I need to regain my memories, but thinking too much of it and burdened by it won’t help me, isn’t that right, mister?” Tama turns her head to The Hobo and smiles. “True that,” he didn’t expect that kind of thinking from someone that looks so young. “Although,” she adds, “those black stuff coming out from those demons feels somewhat familiar.” Suddenly, Tama winces as if she’s in pain. The Hobo realizes that, “Hey, what’s wrong? Are you okay?” Tama nods, “Yeah, yeah. I’m okay. There was a sudden and brief pain that come from nowhere.” “Is it from yesterday’s fight?” “Uh-uh,” Tama shakes her head, “It already comes and goes from before that.” “Hm, that might be serious.” “Maybe, maybe.” The two go silent. The Hobo is trying to remember whether he knows someone who can help or not while Tama is wondering why the pain is not gone yet like previously. Yes, she lied. It used to come and go, but this time the pain persist. She doesn’t want to make the kind person to worry since the pain is very bearable. It’s akin to sore and doesn’t feel dangerous so she keeps quiet.