Dec 11, 2015

Black Stained Winter: Chapter 11 - "Enter The White"

“So, this is your real form?” Rick asks Tama followed by taking a bite from bread on his hand. He still can’t wrap his head around the fact of Tama’s real form.

“Yeah, this is how I truly look,” Tama stands and spins a bit while smiling, showing off her now-adult-like body. Her long pink hair and blue Japanese kimono sway around as she slowly spins.

“Hm,” Rick averts his eyes and looks slightly up to the trees. He’s not really comfortable looking at such a beauty as close as this.

“Oh, oh!” Tama leans forward to Rick who’s sitting down eating his bread, “My memories has returned too! I guess the black thing clouded it or covered it or something.”

“That’s great news!” Rick looks happy from the news. Tama looks happy seeing Rick happy. 

She finds a good spot and sits in a kneeling position on the ground, “Alright then, what do you want to know, mister?”

“Hm, let’s see. First of all, where are you from and why are you here?”

“That’s easy to answer. Tama comes from Spiritrealm. There are gates scattered all around the Spiritrealm that connected to Earthrealm. And just so you know, I’m one of the designated guardian of one of the gate,” Tama looks very proud as she says that.

“Although,” she continues, “I don’t think the gate I guarded connected to this particular area. The gate should be connected to a place called Japan.”

“Huh. That’s really far away from here. How did you get here?”

“That’s a really good question. I’m not really sure how I get here either. Hmm…” Tama closes her eyes and appears to be thinking or trying to remember something.

Rick finishes his bread while waiting for Tama to finishes thinking. Every now and then Tama lets out hums as she thinks.

“Ah!” Tama suddenly opens her eyes as she remembers something important.

“What is it?”

“That black stuff! I remember I was investigating it. I heard about this weird black stuff appearing here and there in the Spiritrealm and was tasked to investigate it. I found some of it and somehow got engulf in it. And the next thing I remember is I already here on this park.”

“That’s weird. Is that black mist capable of teleporting you or something?”

“Maybe. I think that is the case. Do you remember what mister Gerogom said? Some routes to the Demonrealm opened two days ago. Maybe those black stuff is the one who opened the route to Demonrealm. And maybe it’s not limited to Demonrealm, but Spiritrealm too!”

“That’s like a sudden conclusion you have there, Tama. But when I think about it, didn’t the demons we fought two days ago also has those black mist seeping out from their bodies? Does that means those demons got here via that black mist?”

“Yeah, yeah! You’re right! They did have black stuff coming out from them! Maybe those black stuff got into them when they were engulfed and being sent here.”

“Hm, maybe we should tell Gerogom about this. He may have better knowledge about this than us.”

“I agree. Let’s visit mister Gerogom tomorrow, then.” Tama nods in agreement.

“Mr Hobo!” Out of nowhere one of the homeless man run towards them with fear on his face. “Help!” He shouts again as he getting near. Behind him run several more homeless, running from something.

“What’s wrong?” Before anyone can answers Rick, he finds it by himself. A man in a white attire stained with dirts and a lot of blood running around and grabbing and throwing homeless men like trash.

“Isn’t that the guy who wanted to assassinate you two days ago?” Tama asks Rick.

Rick stands, “Yeah, that’s him.”

“Let me help you,” Tama stands and offering help.

“No, stay here, Tama. Help the others. It’s me that he wants, right?”


“Relax,” Rick smiles at Tama, “Don’t you remember how I handled him last time?”

“Yeah, I guess you’re right.”

Vahn, the assassin, looks around and catches Rick on his vision. The scary expression that decorates his face just become scarier. He throws aside the homeless man he drags around and with a great speed charges to Rick with a knife on his hand.

“Guh, what?!” Rick expression becomes serious as he blocks the attack from Vahn who suddenly already in front of him. Tama also looks surprised with Vahn’s sudden burst of speed.

“Rick, the black stuff!” Tama points to the black mist seeping out from Vahn’s body. Rick who is still holding back Vahn’s hand notice the black mist all around him. 

With a little bit of power, Rick pushes Vahn away and deliver a swift palm strike to him. Vahn instinctively puts both of his arm in from of him and block Rick’s strike.The strike is blocked but able to throw Vahn back a few meters.

“That’s strange,” mutters Rick. He was not even breaking a sweat on the fight two days ago, yet this assassin’s attack just now had so much force in it. That’s not mentioning how much his speed has increased since two days ago.

“Raargh!” Before Rick able to observes the situation more, Vahn lunges toward him. His expression is savage and his attacks lacks depth. It’s fast and powerful, but as Rick blocks and dodges Vahn’s relentless attacks he realizes that the attacks feels not well connected. Each attack is simply a stand alone attack infused with raw power and delivered with pure speed. Yet, the attacks are fierce and powerful. Even if there’s no elaborate tactics or tricks involved, the attacks are still hard to handle.

Seeing from sideline, Tama can also feels something weird. As she sees the fierce battle between Rick and Vahn, she can sense that the assassin is far stronger than two days ago. He constantly pushes Rick with his brute strength. The attacks are wild and each one of them packing a hefty amount of destructive power. It’s as if the man is a rampaging wild animal.

And then it struck Tama. She recalls the demon attack two days ago. Although the demons look like naturally wild, the way they were rampaging was way too savage. There was also black mist coming out of their body, just like the guy fighting Rick now.

Tama wants to help since the battle looks quite though for Rick, but it’s very tight and close and quick. There hasn’t been a chance for her to get into the fight. Forcing to help without a good opening could also break Rick’s concentration.

For Rick, things doesn’t look good. He wasn’t ready when Vahn first attacked and it threw him off balance. With every strike hit very hard, blocking them drains his energy. Before long, his arms start to tingling from all the blocking. His morale also drops quite much as most of his attacks are countered by Vahn.

And then, he makes a mistake. In the midst of relentless exchange of attack, a split second late reacting is disastrous. And that what’s happen. Out of nowhere without warning, one of his arm reacts to an attack a fraction of second later than he expected. Rick fails to block Vahn’s attack and receives a full power punch right on his cheek. The punch is so strong and sends Rick flying several meters away and lands rolling on the ground.

Seeing Rick downed, Vahn takes the opportunities to tries to strikes him down with his knife. But as he’s getting near to Rick, a big fire ball flies and hit Vahn before exploding, throwing him away from Rick.

Tama runs toward Rick and helps him stands, “Are you okay?”

“Yeah. Just a little bit dizzy,” Rick checks his jaws to make sure it’s okay. It is. “Was that you?” He asks Tama.

“The fire? Yep, that was me. Hey, I think mister Assassin here has been exposed to the black stuff. And I’m thinking maybe that what makes him loses his mind like this.”

“Yeah, I assume so. And let me guess, his increased physical ability is because of that black mist too.”

“Could be. But that’s trivial right now, mister Hobo. Right now we only need to give him some lesson and get him down on the ground.”

“You’re right. And,” Rick scratches his head, “I guess I need your help too.”

“Sure, no problem,” Tama takes a step forward and stands firmly. Behind her, a series of fireballs conjured and flies behind Tama making a circle, “Now, let teach mister Assassin here a lesson.”

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