Dec 4, 2015

Announcement: My Blunder, Chapter List, and No Chapter This Week

Hello and welcome to 'Wings of The Ravens' (WotR) website. This is the author speaking, Benard HP aka mrBenz.

This is the first announcement and non-story post since the start of the series and it is needed because I made a very bad blunder.

I've mentioned in several place that I write WotR without a proper outline and doesn't really have rigid draft or planning. This means that although I have visions and basic ideas of how the story will go, I make the details and chapters on the way. This also sometimes ended with new ideas suddenly pops and then added to the chapters and even some chapters started like that.

You see, I've had a 5 month hiatus between chapter 5 and chapter 6 which was the time where I lost motivation to write even though I want to continue the story. This, unfortunately, resulted in me forgetting that chapter 5 actually ended around two in-universe days after the start of the series. Since I already wrote chapter 6 halfway before the hiatus, when I finally get motivated again I just continued that and didn't bother to check chapter 5. I ended up thinking that it still the day after chapter 3 and chapter 4 not happened yet while in fact it's already two days and chapter 4 is already happened.

This resulted in the wrong chapter 9; it was written thinking that chapter 4 hasn't happened yet and thus (SPOILER) Aqua is still unconscious and Ren's sister, who was mentioned in chapter 4, is still there. Of course, if we're looking at chapter 5 we would know that this is wrong.

Thus, I wrote a new chapter 9 with the correct timeline. I already post it right before this announcement. It contains a new and different story of Ren but still the same story of Rick and Tama. There's only a slight edit and adjustment to correct the time on Rick's part of the story and the whole Chapter 10. The old chapter 9 is still online for the sake of completeness and a reminder of how stupid I was.

Another news, based on suggestion of a good gentleman on the comment section, I included a 'Chapter List' page that listing all chapters in chronological order. It will be updated each time a new chapter released. You can find it on the Navigational bar under the title banner on each page.

And last, a little unfortunate, but the result of day's mistake and rewrite of chapter 9 means there will be no chapter 11 this week. The time needed to check my mistake and find a way to fix it was actually need more time than I expected. Please expect chapter 11 to be released next week as usual on Friday.

That's all for the announcement for today. Thank you for reading and please continue to support Wings of The Ravens.

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