Chapters List

Wings of the Ravens is a story that consist of many arcs and chapters. Here will be listed list of arc and chapters to ease the navigation.

Black Stained Winter

Earthrealm, which known as 'Earth' by ordinary humans, has secrets; it's not as normal as people seems. Hidden from the laymen view are individuals with extraordinary powers roaming and blending with normal humans.

At a certain time, several of these individuals met because of the circumstances. Weird things happen in the city as demon crossed to earthrealm easily and the appearance of a fox spirit. And now, these individuals have to find out what is happening and stop it before it gets worse.

Chapters List

Chapter 1 - "The Beginning of Winter"

Chapter 2 - "The Unlikely Target"

Chapter 3 - "Two Demons, Two Men"

Chapter 4 - "In The Small Room"

Chapter 5 - "The Pain Within"

Chapter 6 - "Being Processed"

Chapter 7 - "Emptiness"

Chapter 8 - "Impasse"

Chapter 9 - "Red Blood and Black Mist"

Chapter 10 - "Skirmish Above The City"

Chapter 11 - "Enter The White"

Chapter 12 - "Exit The White"

Chapter 13 - "Prelude to Black Part 1"

Chapter 14 - "Prelude to Black Part 2"

Chapter 15 - "The Black Hunt Begins"

Chapter 16 - "Foreign"

Chapter 17 - "Beware, Demons"

Chapter 18 - "Not Tentacles"

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